There was a boy

Fostering services across 15 midland local authorities have worked in collaboration to deliver this short film to raise awareness of fostering and in particular the need to find foster carers for older children.


'There was a boy' is a short film showing the story of a teenage boy and how the crucial addition of a foster carer shaped his life for the better.


Like all children and young people in foster care, teenagers just need that individual or family who can help to make a difference to their lives and prepare them for their future. They can be both boys and girls, and from a variety of ethnic backgrounds who are having difficulties at home.


Teenage years can be difficult times and more so for those unable to live with their family. They will need the support of carers who are patient, reliable, someone a young person feels they can talk to and who listens to them. They also need someone who can provide clear guidance and boundaries and who will support them to gain independence skills and prepare them for their future.


Yes, it  may seem daunting but it can be hugely rewarding, if you are able to help a young person choose their GCSE options, or college course, or watch them excel at an activity or sport , or using the skills you have taught them to move on to independence. You really can make a difference to a teenager’s life.


Watch the film below to find out more about the profound effect foster carers can have on teenagers…



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